Step 1. Name Your Training

Give your training a title. Give it an appealing and catchy title that is capable of attracting the attention of your audience. Make it as simple as possible and easy to understand.

You can take a clue from the title of this post, make it very simple and straight to the point. Don’t speak too much grammar and confuse your audience.

Step #2. Set Up a Payment System.

You are not in business if no one is paying you. That’s why a means of collecting payment is very important. Personally, I prefer to have a means of collecting money from my students. I offer them a means to pay using direct bank deposit. You can also offer them a means to pay online using Paystack. It is a Nigerian company and signing up with them is free. Once people make payment by direct bank transfer, ask them to send you a proof of payment on WhatsApp so you can confirm and add them to the group. If they are paying through the haystack, they don’t need to send you any payment proof. Just extract the group link and put it on the confirmation page on a haystack.

Once their payment goes through, they will be redirected to the link to join the group so you don’t have to add them manually.

Step#2 Design A Flyer

There are a popular Naija slangs that says ”everything packaging”.

Truly, everything is packaging and how well you package your training by designing a good flyer for your training will go a long way.

If you are not good with designing graphics, then hire someone who is good at it to help you design one. The quality of your flyer will determine the quality of clients and responses that you will get to a great extent.

Step#4. Write Your Sales Copy

What is a sales copy? Sales copy is any piece of content (Video or text) that is used to persuade potential customers

to take a specific action, such as buying your products, joining your newsletter, click a link in your email, etc.

In this case, your sales letter should give a brief detail of what your training is all about.

Highlight the benefits attendees stand to gain. Tell them everything they are going to learn in the training and finally put a call-to-action. People always want to be told what to do so tell them to go and make payment into your bank account and be added to your whats app close

Step#5 .AdvertiseYourTraining

There are two ways to promote your training to get people to sign up.

  1. Free strategy
  2. Paid ads

The Free promotional strategy includes promoting on Facebook groups and your social media handles. You can also ask your family and friends to help you share the flyer on their social media handles. When you are promoting in groups, ensure you check the rules of the group before posting. Depending on the group where you target audience hang out, but I know most groups give out one day every week for group members to promote and market their products you can take advantage of those market days to promote your event.

The second type of promotion is paid ads.

This post is not for Facebook ads so I won’t be able to go into much details on that.

The second type of paid ads is Influencer Marketing

Here you simply look for an influencer with large followers on social media that might be interested in your offer. Pay the influencer to help you advertise your offer to his/her audience.


How much you should price your training depends on you and the value you are offering. But if you are just getting started, you can price your training between #1k-3k. From my experience, I found out that it is easier for people to pay 1k because it is easy to let go. Also, they don’t have to save for days to raise the money compared to when it is a bit expensive. You can charge more though, it all depends on you.

WhatsApp groups contain 256 peoples

Assuming you have decided to teach people ”How to create and launch an information product in ? days” and you put the offer in front of 1000 people. If 100 people signup for #1000, that will be 100k for a training that will take about 6hours spread into 3days. If you charge #2000 per student, you only need 50people to register to hit your 100k in 3days.

In most cases, for you to hit these numbers, you’ll have to run a sponsored ads or have access to a huge list or group of people where you can advertise to them for free.

Now, let’s assume you don’t have knowledge

You don’t have any skill you can teach but you still want to make money following this concept, then continue reading because there is still a way you can go about it and smile to the bank.