what you need to do to guide yourself online and also on your Smartphone. It is my hope that you take your safety seriously.

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Understanding Smart Phone Addiction

What is Smartphone and social media addiction?

  1. Smartphone addiction, sometimes colloquially known as “ Nomophobia  ” (fear of being without a mobile phone),is a term used to describe anyone who has a habit of Internet over use, to the extent of his phone or tablet taking over his life with impulse and life. Examine yourself and take control of this addiction.

It could affect the following areas of your life and you need to check them now.

  1. Loss of interest in a real relationship. Addiction to social networking, dating apps, texting, and messaging can extend to the point where virtual, online friends become more important than real-life relationships. This is terrible. This has resulted in couples sitting in the house or outside in differ- ent places married to heir smart phones and communicating with the outside world. This has also resulted in marriage divorces and frictions in a relationship.

Even though the Internet is good to make new friends and have new romantic affairs, it should be noted that online relationship Will never be a substitute to real-life relations. It is more of a mirage or bubble. If you are deeply involved in gambling, gaming and S*xting on social media, it could take you into string addiction and really eat deep into your life. And you are sure to regret it later.

  1. CyberS*x addiction is also on the increase and I tell you it will never take the real-world relationship. Compulsive use of Internet pornography, s*xting, n*de- swapping, adult chat rooms or messaging services can impact negatively on anyone. Stop it.
  2. You check your mobile phone every few minutes for any notifi- cation on Facebook and Whatsapp

This is already a sickness.

  1. You add a check-in of every new location you are so your social friends will know you are going somewhere.
  2. You post and announce on social media what you are doing, chilling, doing this and that, blah blah. Talk about your new dress and all of that.
  3. You believe life is happening and better on social media. It is all fake my dear. Soonest reality will come to you. And men are all around you S*xting, Liking and Saying things that will rob you off your real relationship and giving you false belief and hope.
  4. You just feel great and on top of the world with pride when that cute picture of you are liked by a 1 00 of people, even if they are lying about it, especially those you may not know have sinister motives on you.

Smartphone or Internet addiction can also negatively impact your life by:

  1. Increasing your loneliness, depression and stress level. It is never real and your spirit knows this. It brings emptiness into your life. It will give you low- self esteem.

1 1. If you find yourself ignoring friends over lunch or other important things just to read Facebook updates or compulsively checking your phone while driving or during school lectures or getting to Whatsapp at intervals, you need to check it.

  1. If you isolate yourself from your friends and family for your smartphones and social media, you have added.
  2. Have friends and family expressed deep concern about the amount of time you spend on your phone? Do you feel like no one in your “real” life even your spouse understands you like your online friends? Do you conceal your smartphone use, do you hide your phones from husband or wife or lie to your boss and family about who and the amount of time you spend on social media with your smartphone? You are addicted.
  3. 14. Do you update your profile photos each other day or week on Facebook and Whatsapp? You need to check it.