With the kind of technology and tools available to us today like the smartphone and social media, you can press a few buttons on your smartphone from the comfort of your room and alerts will start rolling in.

Having a website is no longer a prerequisite for making money online (though it is important You owe one) Most Nigerians spend at least 2 hours daily on social media especially Whatsapp chatting and gossiping with friends and family without utilizing its full potential. For some, it is a medium to chat and gossip, while for those who are business-minded like us, it is an avenue to make lots of money. I don’t know why you requested for this post, but one thing I am sure of is that you

want to learn how to make money on WhatsApp using just your smartphone and your brain.

I just want you to have an open mind, assimilate whatever I am going to share with you here and take ACTION. What I want to share with you in this post is a very simple formula for making money, you might even know about it but you have never thought about utilizing it.


  1. A smartphone with an internet connection
  2. A WhatsApp account that can create a WhatsApp group
  3. Something valuable you can teach people to get results.


Building an email list and selling to your list is good. But you must understand that unlike in the abroad, most Nigerians don’t open emails. This is not to say email marketing doesn’t work. But it only makes more sense to go to where people are congregated which is social media. Whatsapp is a good platform to teach, reason being that about95% of the people that have a smartphone has WhatsApp installed in it. True or false? It is estimated that billions of people open the WhatsApp app

How can you make money on WhatsApp?

There are several ways to make money on WhatsApp, but the simplest and easiest way to make money on WhatsApp out of the hundreds of differ- ent tactics is to teach something that can help people get results in a closed WhatsApp group. People are consis- tently looking for ways to improve their lives and they are more than willing to pay you so long as you can help them.

Think about this…

People want to learn how to make money online

People want to learn how to 10 se weight People want to learn how to run Face- book and Instagram ads

People want to learn how to create epic social media contents

People want to learn mini importation People want to learn how to bake cake People want to learn how to get customers for their products

People want to learn how to save and invest.

People have desires for so many things I cannot mention here, and each of these desires can

Be monetized.

So ask yourself; what can I teach people?

One thing we tend to take for granted is the knowledge that we have. We think because we know something then everyone else also knows that same thing. There is something you know right now that lots of people don’t know, and they are willing.r to pay you for it if you are willing to teach them.

I know a guy who charges #5000 to teach people mini importation in a closed WhatsApp group. The last time I participated in the training, we were about 30 participants in the class, you can do the maths and see how much he earns weekly. I also know another lady who charges #1500 to teach goal setting. In your mind, you will say ordinary goal-setting? Yes! Someone is getting paid for teaching others how to set goals.

In 2019 alone, I have trained about 500 people both free and paid class. The least of my class is #3,000, I have sold my training materials on WhatsApp just as I have sold this to you. I have sold several physical products using WhatsApp. I know of a lady who has a drop shipping group business on WhatsApp.

There are different things you can do to earn money on whatsapp.

I have seen people teaching different things on a Whatsapp group ranging from cake baking, sewing, soap making, Facebook and Instagram ads, graphics design, video animation, personal branding, content creation, sales and marketing, book writing and publishing, public speaking, etc.

Whatever knowledge you have can be monetized so long as there is a hungry market waiting to pay for it. So, armed with what you can teach people to get results, you can create a WhatsApp group where you can add people who pay to learn from you.