your content, one of the core questions they ask themselves (knowingly or unknowingly) is — does this person have what I want? Can I learn from him or her? My Instagram handle

is @tunji.odunayo and I follow people in different business niches. I follow Comedians, Actors, Doctors, Authors, Songwriters, Business Coaches, Programmers, Photographers etc. And every one of them contributes to my growth as an individual.

I can easily recommend someone to engage (and follow) the content of Comedian A or B because I find them funny and entertaining. Niching down makes recommendation easy. And a whole lot more benefits.


If you’ve successfully installed What- sApp Business and you’re looking for inspiration for new status updates, I leverage on these platforms to come up with content for my business or to feed my mind.

Instagram: This app has done better than harm. I get inspiring and targeted quotes I can share on my WhatsApp status that is related to my business niche.

You can follow those on your business niche to make it easier. Or even follow #hashtags that are related to what you do too.

Pinterest: This platform is great for helping me come up with unique ideas for new status updates and designs too.

Plus, you can see what’s working for other people in your business niche and post about it via your status. Please don’t copy. You can always repurpose your content.

Quora/Medium: I’ve never really been always on both platforms, but recently I’ve been paying close attention to the questions people have been asking.

Quora is a “Question and Answer” platform which can help you come up with lots of ideas that people need help with.

Medium is more like a mini-blogging platform where you can get heard, seen and known. If you don’t have the funds to start a blog, Medium is a great platform for you to start. Don’t depend solely on rented platform. Medium is rented land. You can leverage it to promote your craft, brand, product, or business.

Your Circle: If you spend time reading other people’s status updates, it’s not hard to see what those in your circle of business is doing. You don’t have to copy them. Find what works for you and build on it.

What if you still haven’t started making money from WhatsApp?

I want to correct a wrong mindset some people have. Making money from What- sApp doesn’t mean WhatsApp pay you to use their app. Making money from WhatsApp means doing something on the app that’ll make people exchange their money for the value you bring to the table.

Selling on your WhatsApp Status can be so confusing. It takes a long time for you to build a steady profitable business from WhatsApp. This is an ugly truth I have to tell you. There’s no need to pamper words. However, you’re in luck if you have a smartphone, a brain that works, and the willingness to take MASSIVE ACTION to get results.



Share a brief introduction with some fun facts about yourself/ business.

. Do you have a physical address

for your business? Add it to your WhatsApp Business pro- file and tell people they can locate you using Google Maps.

. Share your past projects or

throwback to when you started. It’s rewarding to show others how far you’ve come. Tell them the story behind the glory.

. Do you get similar questions

about your business regularly? Answer them in one ‘FAQs’ post to clear any confusion on the part of potential customers.

. Collaborate with brands that

aren’t necessarily competitors but have a similar target audience. It’s a timeless WhatsApp marketing tactic.

. Share your personal or business

story. We know starting/maintaining a business is not easy. Tell people how you grew from where you were to where you are now.

  1. You can boost engagement with questions Via your WhatsApp status. For example, post an image and say “This or that?” “Caption this post,” “A or B?” “Choose one” etc.
  2. Share behind the scenes of what you do. Take people on a j our- ney. Human beings love stories. Post them — they’ll read. It helps build bonds with people.
  3. Post employee appreciation posts to show off how hard your team is working. It humanizes your brand and boosts the morale of your employees.

1 0. Put a human face on your business by sharing photos/ videos. Don’t just use your business logo as your Social Media profile picture. Add your face — people want to see you.

1 1. Create a hype or make anticipation posts for an upcoming project or underground work by showing a sneak peek.

It makes them curious to know more.

1 2. Record live Videos with your face showing there. You can do this by educating your audience about a particular topic in a 1-minute, 2—minute or more video.

With all the above mentioned, you can become a WhatsApp influencer or create a Whatsapp TV of your own and get people to pay you to advertise for them.

Stop reading….go get to work.