your content, one of the core questions they ask themselves (knowingly or unknowingly) is — does this person have what I want? Can I learn from him or her? My Instagram handle

is @tunji.odunayo and I follow people in different business niches. I follow Comedians, Actors, Doctors, Authors, Songwriters, Business Coaches, Programmers, Photographers etc. And every one of them contributes to my growth as an individual.

I can easily recommend someone to engage (and follow) the content of Comedian A or B because I find them funny and entertaining. Niching down makes recommendation easy. And a whole lot more benefits.


If you’ve successfully installed What- sApp Business and you’re looking for inspiration for new status updates, I leverage on these platforms to come up with content for my business or to feed my mind.

Instagram: This app has done better than harm. I get inspiring and targeted quotes I can share on my WhatsApp status that is related to my business niche.

You can follow those on your business niche to make it easier. Or even follow #hashtags that are related to what you do too.

Pinterest: This platform is great for helping me come up with unique ideas for new status updates and designs too.

Plus, you can see what’s working for other people in your business niche and post about it via your status. Please don’t copy. You can always repurpose your content.

Quora/Medium: I’ve never really been always on both platforms, but recently I’ve been paying close attention to the questions people have been asking.

Quora is a “Question and Answer” platform which can help you come up with lots of ideas that people need help with.

Medium is more like a mini-blogging platform where you can get heard, seen and known. If you don’t have the funds to start a blog, Medium is a great platform for you to start. Don’t depend solely on rented platform. Medium is rented land. You can leverage it to promote your craft, brand, product, or business.

Your Circle: If you spend time reading other people’s status updates, it’s not hard to see what those in your circle of business is doing. You don’t have to copy them. Find what works for you and build on it.

What if you still haven’t started making money from WhatsApp?

I want to correct a wrong mindset some people have. Making money from What- sApp doesn’t mean WhatsApp pay you to use their app. Making money from WhatsApp means doing something on the app that’ll make people exchange their money for the value you bring to the table.

Selling on your WhatsApp Status can be so confusing. It takes a long time for you to build a steady profitable business from WhatsApp. This is an ugly truth I have to tell you. There’s no need to pamper words. However, you’re in luck if you have a smartphone, a brain that works, and the willingness to take MASSIVE ACTION to get results.



Share a brief introduction with some fun facts about yourself/ business.

. Do you have a physical address

for your business? Add it to your WhatsApp Business pro- file and tell people they can locate you using Google Maps.

. Share your past projects or

throwback to when you started. It’s rewarding to show others how far you’ve come. Tell them the story behind the glory.

. Do you get similar questions

about your business regularly? Answer them in one ‘FAQs’ post to clear any confusion on the part of potential customers.

. Collaborate with brands that

aren’t necessarily competitors but have a similar target audience. It’s a timeless WhatsApp marketing tactic.

. Share your personal or business

story. We know starting/maintaining a business is not easy. Tell people how you grew from where you were to where you are now.

  1. You can boost engagement with questions Via your WhatsApp status. For example, post an image and say “This or that?” “Caption this post,” “A or B?” “Choose one” etc.
  2. Share behind the scenes of what you do. Take people on a j our- ney. Human beings love stories. Post them — they’ll read. It helps build bonds with people.
  3. Post employee appreciation posts to show off how hard your team is working. It humanizes your brand and boosts the morale of your employees.

1 0. Put a human face on your business by sharing photos/ videos. Don’t just use your business logo as your Social Media profile picture. Add your face — people want to see you.

1 1. Create a hype or make anticipation posts for an upcoming project or underground work by showing a sneak peek.

It makes them curious to know more.

1 2. Record live Videos with your face showing there. You can do this by educating your audience about a particular topic in a 1-minute, 2—minute or more video.

With all the above mentioned, you can become a WhatsApp influencer or create a Whatsapp TV of your own and get people to pay you to advertise for them.

Stop reading….go get to work.

Like I wrote earlier in the introduction, your WhatsApp status content is the most important aspect of your marketing on WhatsApp. And it determines whether people will (keep) viewing, read, and engage your status as it’s the important part of your business. But that’s not all. Here are some important tips you should know if you want to MAKE MORE MONEY and GROW YOUR BRAND using your WhatsApp status as a tool of influence.


Your WhatsApp status is not meant for publishing blog posts that range from 500 — 5000 words or more. Most people (your Viewers) are torn between reading long WhatsApp status updates as the words come off tiny and T00 BIG to read.

WhatsApp status updates with short writing (yet engaging) of less than 60 characters get higher view count and encourage your viewers to keep read- ing.

Having your words written in bits means that people can see and read the entire post irrespective of the device they are using. Before you click the post button, please ensure the characters are not too much and is easy to read.


I have to mention this as people make this mistake a lot — and they keep losing readers without knowing. At the time of this writing, WhatsApp has five (5) font styles. The normal font and 4 others. I prefer using the normal font, however, for you, I’ll suggest you stick to using one readable font. You can stick to using the normal font (like me) or you use a mix of other readable fonts. You have your choice. Be as wise as you choose.


One of the things I love about What- sApp Business status stories is the background colour feature. It helps me make my posts colourful. I love playing with colours a lot. For example: If you make the first post using the Red Colour Background, you can use the Green Colour Background next, etc. At the time of this writing, WhatsApp Business has 21 background colours. You can use a mix of all. Your viewers will love it.


I told you earlier that people receive WhatsApp status updates from different people every day — on their contact list. In fact, the number of WhatsApp stories you’ll see is directly proportional to the number of contacts you saved on your phone (those who have yours saved too) divided by the number of active people that update their status. Does that even make sense? L01.

Well, one of the ways to get people to buy your product is to create a sense of urgency accompanied by moments of scarcity — before you even launch.

If you’ve enrolled for the WhatsApp Sales Mastery Course, you should know more about Priming Your Audience to get them to buy your stuff before and when you finally launch your product. An example of a status that creates urgency could be “After 3 Days, The Price of The Skin Whitening Cream Will Increase,” etc. depending on what you’re selling or your business niche.


I see some people do this a lot. For me, I find it difficult to read a post written in ALL CAPS. When all your post texts are written in capitals, it appears like you are shouting to or scolding your audience. Research shows that 85% of people prefer their texts all in the lower case than CAPS. Instead of using capital letter throughout, you can rather make the first letter of the keyword you want them to know be in CAPS and others in lower case.

Note: In case you don’t know what ALL CAPS mean, it is known as CAPITAL LETTER — having all the words in Capital Letter.


Sometimes, I use this simple strategy to get content ideas for my WhatsApp Business status. Stay With me. I’ll eX- plain this so you get it.

A man enters your restaurant and sits on a table. And you walk towards him and then you ask, what can I offer you? The man says; I need fried rice and salad with 2 pieces of meats.

See what happened here: He entered your restaurant, and you walked toward him and asked what he wants, and he responds with the problems he has (which is: he wants to eat) and then you provide the solution to his problem (which is: the food he asked for). Here’s where it gets practical: After he tells you what he wants and you serve him that meal (providing solution to his problem), he won’t reject it. Never. He’ll eat and probably, lick his fingers — before leaving.

I want you to see your viewers] contacts/audience as the man who walked in the restaurant. Go ahead and ask them a question.

They won’t reject the answers you give to their question. Ask questions now. Don’t be afraid of getting any response. Ask first. Just ask. You can infuse curiosity into your questions to propel them to respond. It could be a question like “How many books do you want to write this year?” or “How much do you want to make from your business this month?” or “What problem are you having with (insert name)?”

Questions like this will likely compel them to respond as they believe you may have a solution to their problem. Don’t ask random questions, unless you’re a comedian. You’ll hurt yourself. Just maybe.

Before you ask, find out the needs of your audience, or their interests. And then craft a question out of it. Be intentional about the process. We’re all humans. Everyone has what tickles their fancy. It’s the same way in business — offline and online. Every business needs to create content that tickles the heart of her audience. If you can get into the heart of your audience, you can make them do anything you want. In fact, if you do this right, they’d send a message asking you what they can do to see that your brand grows. It is that POWERFUL.

There’s no magic wand to this because when someone truly loves you, they are stripped off everything they have. There is nothing they can’t do to see you succeed. Nothing at all. They will appreciate your giggles and laughs. When they do this, it makes you feel like a Rockstar. The heart is of the man. The mind is the man. Your audience understands this, knowingly or unknowingly.

If you can treat your business the way you treat those you love (by showing your audience that you care), you’ll win their heart. And you know what happens when you finally get into their heart. This is what this book is about.

Using the ideas shared here will help you nurture your existing audience and attract more clients that can land you bigger deals.

The goal of this book is to show you irresistible status ideas because of sometimes you reach creative block regarding what to post to connect with your followers, build your audience, 10X your sales and grow your business on WhatsApp.

Are you struggling with ideas on what to post on your WhatsApp status? Well, you’re not alone. I tell you the truth. I’ve been there. That’s the reason I wrote this book — to get you off the hole. It’s tough when you decide to become intentional about growing your fan base and have little or no clue on how to create content consistently or the right things to post, how, and when to post them.

If you’re not familiar with the word affiliate marketing, it simply means the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or cornpany’s) products.

See it this way:

One; you find a product you like

Two; you promote it to others (on WhatsApp)

Three; you earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

For example:

Mr A built a Photo Design Software which retails for N20,000 and you reached out to him to promote his software. He agrees to pay you 50% of each sale you make. In this case, the piece of profit you get from each sale you make is N10,000 (half of N20,000). Now you get the point? Good. I want you to sit and think about this question. Doing this one thing will help you decide what type of posts you should discuss/post via your WhatsApp Status.

The one question I see people always ask is how can I make money on WhatsApp? OR how can I make money from WhatsApp?

Most people who want to showcase their biz on WhatsApp (and make money in the process) struggle to find the right content for their status updates. I’ve seen a lot of people struggle with this one thing. I totally understand the frustration. Like I said earlier, I’ve been there. Before I knew the business side of WhatsApp, I had no clue of what topics to write about, how to make money Via my WhatsApp status. It all changed for me after attending a WhatsApp class organized by Caroline Wabara. Google her name later. After the class, I started sharing my knowledge about Content Marketing and then I realized that I enjoyed talking about writing and how to make money writing. After all, that’s what I really love and why I am working on building a profitable online career where my goal is to raise many others like you to become Sales Mafias.

Just so you know, the business you choose today may not be what you’ll promote forever. Although you can always have a career switch may be related or unrelated. And that’s okay.